May His Spirit Forever Soar

A Raptor Takes Flight Over the Vineyard.
A Raptor Takes Flight Over the Vineyard.

It is a very sad day on the farm.   We got the news that Hawkey Puck, the injured hawk Bob pulled out of the highway on Tuesday, did not make it.  He passed away late last night at Cascade Raptor Center in Eugene, a refuge for injured raptors.

I went up to the barn after hearing the news and sat for a long while with Orange Kitty in my lap.  He is a sensitive cat and always seems to know when I need a hug.  One thing you can never escape on a farm is the frailty of life.  Be it barn cats, or injured hawks, it hurts to lose a soul you’ve come to see as part of your family.

We are grateful to Cascade Raptor Center for giving him his best chance for survival and failing that, a peaceful death.  Animals seem to know when humans are trying to help them.  I believe Hawkey Puck knew those around him were on his side.  I am glad he didn’t die alone.

All we can do is our best to make each day a good one and to appreciate those who are here while we’re all together.

Towards that end, Murphy and the rest of the dogs want a run in the vineyard.  And so, we are off.  God Speed Hawkey Puck.


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