How to Purchase Wine

We are such as small winery, we handle each sale one-on-one via email.

Email us at: make a purchase, reserve an upcoming release, or for more information.



The 2011 Hundredth Valley is SOLD OUT!
The 2012 Hundredth Valley releases Fall, 2014


The 2012 Big Leaf is available now, $68 per magnum (1.5L), plus shipping.



We are licensed to ship within Oregon and to Colorado and Florida.  We will be licensed to ship to California and Washington state soon.  Each state has its own licensing and tax laws.  Some states prohibit wine shipments.  Until we are large enough to secure distribution, if you live in a state to which we cannot ship our options are for you to come here to get the wine, or for one of us to take it to you.  It’s always nice to get off of the farm for a few days, so if you want wine let us know.  Maybe we will be heading your way.  You can look into the shipping laws of your state by clicking here.  A word of warning, you might become outraged.



While supplies last, the 2012 Big Leaf is available by the magnum bottle or on tap and by the glass at Tomaselli’s Pastry Mill in Elkton, Oregon.  We’d like to expand Big Leaf as a keg wine into other pubs and restaurants.  If you’d like to suggest a location, please leave a comment or send an email.

Thank you for your interest in our wine!

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